October 10th, 2005


Food related crazies

I have some strange problem where, when I haven't had enough of the "right" kind of food in a day, I can dramatically break. I can end up uncrontrollably crying, I feel weak, and I can't think (which is the annoying problem, because it really inhibits my ability to figure out what to go eat).

I had a mild episode of this sunday after gaming I'd had a fair amount of bread and grapes, after a breakfast of cereal, but no really substaintal meals that day.

When I got home I finished off some millet pilaf (mostly millet+zuccini) but that didn't help that much. What did help was downing a couple of blocks of smoked tofu.

Before going near-vegan, I'd found that cheese also worked to help me recover. It seems that some (possibly psychosomatic) leaves me needing some kind of salty/protein-rich food.

I have no idea what that could be. (Though I do think I should work on figuring out some portable vegan protein foods). these suggestions might be interesting.

(And I do have to admit I got sloppy enough about the vegan thing that I'm back to vegetarian, though I still try to be mostly vegan).