June 6th, 2004



I've been missing my girlfriend while she's in London. Though once she worked out how to call, we've been talking for long blocks of time.

Though because of this I'm now wondering if I should try giving her a cell phone.

The motivation is that since I switched from Cingular where I'd built up a large queue of unused minutes, I've only had my current plan for 9 days and I've used nearly half of my minutes, I should either up my minutes or find some other way of making talking to her cheaper. (Though part of this is because she's in London and thus calling me during the daytime instead of the when we usually talk late in the evening).

The interesting idea is upgrading to a t mobile family plan which includes unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, which since she's the one I'm talking to the most would make chatting cheaper.

Of course anything involving a cell phone requires a one year contract, and since she's still a relatively poor student a cell phone is an unnecessary luxury for her. (Also since she does like to talk it was an expensive unnecessary luxury).

I do wish that she had a cell phone, as it makes a number of types of planing much easier, it could also make talking to her cheaper, but for this to happen I'd probably have to carry the contract.

I've been seeing her for 107 days (thanks LJ and ipython) and we're getting better at dealing with each other, so it seems like it could continue for an arbitrary period of time into the future, which means it might not be a completely dumb idea to carry the contract. But still it is an actual commitment.

What would others do? Would you think about carrying a cell phone contract for someone you've been dating for a while?

Something good from the fight on terrorism?

off of news.google.com Saudi women can own businesses.

The saudi government is needing to use the rhetoric of "fighting terrorism" to allow women to own their own businesses. They're hoping this will help improve their economy and thus help deal with their massive unemployment (from whence all those terrorists are spawned).

It is of course opposed by conservative religious groups (much like every other social advancement).

I wonder if there exist any large religions that are women positive? The only one I can think of is wicca, other than that any religiously approved positive treatment of women has come from women demanding better treatment.