May 19th, 2004



I'm feeling fiscally poor though now sporting a rich set of experiences.

I went to musicwomyn's graduation party in San Fransisco this weekend and had a great time.

I was a bit stressed about going to start with and was feeling somewhat uncertain about going because of my tendency to procrastinate about important things--like planning ahead. One thing that I wanted was music for the trip up. Sitting in a car alone for 6 to 8 hours is pretty dull.

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thoughtful is a distributed bookmark application a friend had told me about some time ago. Since I keep switching browsers I thought it might be nice to have a web site to store my book marks on, so I dusted it off and tried it.

It's a neater than I'd previously understood. When you bookmark a page it will also tell you about who else has also book marked it.

So my account on the system is diane (sometimes it's convenient being one of the few women in the super geeky world)