March 5th, 2004


Crazy Housing Ideas

Periodically I want to live in an eco-friendly house, which requires enough retrofitting to require owning the home.

This leads me to look at housing prices near where I work where I would pretty much have to move in with someone else whose making the same income as me to afford much of anything nearby. Also since I keep worrying that if the economy continues to weaken it'd be hard for me to be employed in 5 to 10 years, making me rather uncomfortable about the idea of committing to a 15 to 30 year mortgage.

This then leads to the crazy idea of buying raw land and building on it. Though I was worried about building something fast enough and sufficiently code compliant that I could move into it quickly.

This morning I realized something, that since the raw land around here varies in price from that of an average car to an expensive SUV and I have no car payment, I could afford it while continuing to rent a place closer to work.

So I could buy something that I could pay off in a few years and slowly develop it. First would be to do things to help retain water on the plot. Followed by planting some fruit and nut trees and building a small storage shed.

If my insecurity turns out to have some basis in reality and I find myself under-employed I would then have a place I could use to meet my basic needs. (And then would have the time to extend the structures and bring them up to code compliance.)


This is an example of something to not include in an email to the project manager whose project one finds oneself stuck on. However it seemed to good not to save.

Working with java has been an unending nightmare. At any moment when it seems like some aspect of the java environment _might_ work, it inevitably fails in some new and even more spectacular way.

I cannot comprehend why anyone might want to waste their life working with such a pile of garbage.