February 4th, 2004



I went to the caltech LGBT group last night, a new woman showed up who was pretty close to what I find attractive. Of course she's an undergrad, and thus quite a bit younger than me. (Though considering how little practice I've had being in relationships, I'm probably not all that much more experienced than your average early twenty-something.


I've weighed under 90kg for 4 days in a row, though the weighted average hasn't quite caught up, it seems pretty likely that it will soon. I've officially lost 30kg in a little over 2 years. That's the equivalent of 15 2 liter bottles I was carrying around. My 21" monitor is 27.5 kg, I think in the box it would probably be 30kg. Though I remember having trouble trying to carry it, I don't really notice that I've stopped carrying around an equivalent amount of weight.