November 13th, 2003


Banana Republic

Paul Krugman is an actual economics professor, and these comments reminded me of my own intuitive feel that the Bush administration is trying to run the country like the stereotypic latin america dictatorship. (Oh wait, weren't most of those US sponsored?)

We have the finances of a banana republic right now. If current tax rates and current programs continue, at some point the U.S. government will simply be unable to pay its debts – and long before that point happens, industries will pull the plug.

Geez, we have a budget deficit that's bigger compared with the size of our economy than Argentina before their 2001 crack-up. We have a trade deficit that's bigger compared with the size of our economy, than Indonesia before its 1997 crack-up
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Make it go

I sent money to my friends via western union, it was too expensive, but did have the advantage of maximizing the chances that they'll have it for their trip.

Note to self, in the future more advance warning can dramatically drop the costs of shifting money around.

It sounded like donation let an extra protester go.

Here's to keeping corporations subject to the democratic laws of a country.

BTW, does anyone know where I can get vegan fair-trade chocolate in southern california?
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