July 10th, 2003



I'm pirating off the wirless signal here at kerckhoff marine labs (another fine caltech owned property). I'm supposed to attend a mini conference tomorrow starting at 09:00

Instead of driving down for two hours in the morning I came down to sleep here.

Pity the wireless access on the TiBook is so lame. I can't get reception in the room where the conference will be.


So at the end of my conference some random guy who works at the marine lab started talking to me. And he used the male pronoun on me, several times, so it wasn't a mistake.

He must have poor vision, or perhaps he was confused by my dykish nature.

(Shockingly this seems more plausible than the other reason.)

Though I do think I need to find more flattering shirts. Perhaps I should try to finally get over my fear of being noticed so I can actually look more presentable.

This living in crummy, ill-fitting, androgynous, chosen to camouflage me isn't helping me meet new people (or feel remotely good about my body).

(Though it occurred to me recently that looking to femme might be bad professionally. A professional woman who looks to masculine gets stigmatized for being too aggressive, while looking too femme can be interpreted by people's sub-conscious as not competent enough.

So the optimal strategy for employment according to that analysis is to look androgynous.