June 19th, 2003


Still depressed

I'm still feeling down.

Likely causes, cars disturbing my slumber from 7am onward, cat waking me up at 8 am, my tendency to go to bed at 2am.

Need to remember to buy cat food so I can leave enough out for her so she's less likely to try and wake me up. Need to produce plague that eats oil and turns it into protein.

studying depression

I have this temptation to hook myself up to a wearable computer carrying a datalogger alowing me to track brain waves and heart rate.

With that information I should be able to detect the quality of my sleep and how much exercise I get. With some additonal discipline, I might be able to track what foods I eat by cooking for myself. Also just for fun I could also track exposure to light and weather.

Combining that information with some ontology for describing events in my life and my moods I should then be able to empirically determine what kinds of things lead me to be feeling down.

I've always wondered if wanting to do these kinds of things make me seem far too eccentric for people to relate to.