June 9th, 2003


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Since I upgraded my stereo I started thinking about what else I would need to do to make my apartment a place where someone could do more than sit at a computer and sleep.

There's disposing of unneeded stuff so I can free up some space, there's vacuuming up hair and dust, and I think a couch might be useful, espcially one that's easy to move around. (Which allows one to easily move from a space that's good for reading to one that's good for watching movies.)

Though perhaps before the couch I should figure out if I want to move in the near future. (I keep thinking about moving in with a flat mate to help cut living expenses).

The Revenge of the Cute Coworker

So today the cute, funny, entertaining, interesting and stimulating coworker I had been obsessing about sent me a terrifying email. She told me that she has a long letter she's been meaning to write me but hasn't. So nervously I wondered what does she might want to tell me, had I weirded her out too much by being interested in her?

So I did the first thing that came to mind, I went and teased her about the angst of being left hanging after reading such an email. As a bit of foreshadowing that I missed, she blushed when she said she'd send it today.

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