January 13th, 2003



so I've had trouble with my experimentation with my Vonage phone. However it appears almost all of my troubles have been user error. First I didn't know that I needed to always dial the area code. Then it would work sporadically. However I then realized that I've been spoiled by my cellphone and only randomly added the initial 1 for the full 11 digit phone number (for some reason cell phones don't care about the initial 1).

I never fully appreciated the utility of the voice error messages from traditional phone service. (On the other hand with traditional phone service, I can't tcpdump the signaling information like I can with vonage.)

no logo

I've spent the day resting from a mild illness and reading No Logo.

I feel like a dirty hypocritical socialist/anarchist. Though I'm aware of the abuses of the poor by the rich, I have to come to the conclusion that I am firmly in the upper class, probably with pleanty of explotition to be found in my clothes and electronics

No Logo is claiming the average service sector worker is making in the neighborhood of $10,000/ year, in the US (at least when the book was published). (The workers, or was that slaves, in third world countries making the junk to be sold at these stores are probably making between 1 and 2 dollars per day. (13 cents per hour was quoted for china, typically for 14 hours per day.)

I think one of the things that can be done to deal with the abuses of power by global capitalism is land reform. If it's easier for people in the countries exploited by global capital to own land, it's easier for them to walk away from jobs that pass out amphetemenes to keep workers going for that 48 hour day.

By making it harder to find workers, that should help drive wages up some.

I also realized that several brands have eaten their way into my consciousness. Ikea is a big one, Apple has recently tried winning me over, REI had been doing quite well. I wonder if CLIF's Luna bar counts as a lifestyle corporation yet.

Also I feel dirty for using mac os x instead of one of the revolution OSes, linux, *BSD, hurd

I hope my package from the EFF shows up soon. I'd like to hide the glowing apple logo with something more meaningful. (Though perhaps a share the road sticker would be "less offensive".