December 28th, 2002


t68i warning

I went dancing last night with my t68i in my pocket, at some point I pulled it out and tried pushing a button to turn on the backlight. No response.

I took it home disconnected the battery and let it sit. Put the battery back in today, no response.

then I found this review claiming that not only does condensation kill t68is it's not covered by the warranty. So I'm going to have to try getting it fixed.

Also for those owning t68i's you might want to do something to prevent it from getting wet.

Sigh... my old nokia 6190, so rugged, so reliable, so few features.

I liked the ability to syncronize phone numbers with my computer. Anyone know of a reliable cellphone that can safely live in one's pocket that supports GSM/PCS, and syncs with a computer.

Or maybe I should go for one of those long range cordless phones and just stay near home or work. Though there's also an 802.11 phone and since I rolled wireless out at several places I spend time at that'd work nicely as well.