December 26th, 2002


how nauseating

So, I gave in to my obsessiveness and managed to get simple multicast RTP streaming working on my network.

My poor little brain is quite confused. The sounds coming from the two computers are really close to being synchrnoized. But they're different enough to sound like an echo. Except the sound is coming from the same place, but it sounds like an echo, but millions of years of evolution says that can't happen.

Maybe it'd be less confusing in the two sets of speakers were further apart.

Nope... hmm... yeah, if I modify the protocol to include a time synchronization information...

*slap, slap*

right, the simple answer. speaker cable and an amp that can drive audio in more than one room. Analog wires fast, computer protocol stacks slow.

but, but... then I feel less involved, and how can I get the audio to flow into whatever room I happen to be in?


So for some unknown reason, I've been drawn toward elves in fantasy. It could be the living in balance with nature and magic, or the 'unearthly' beauty, or perhaps it's just because they tend toward intellectual and cultural elitism.

Out of that list I just miss out on the unearthly beauty. (Heck, I've even got pointy ears--not fake either, my ears are on the pointy side for a human)

To me white LEDs have a bluish cast to them, which looks somewhat like starlight, which means elves.

And now there exist cheap led lights. (Though they flicker at 60 Hz which is annoying.)

Weave some of those LED christmas lights into ones house plants and around ones furnature. Play some of the right ambient music, and you've got your own little sylvian retreat.

Toss in some longevity drugs and even Tolken would have trouble telling you apart.
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bounce, bounce

Looking at my behaviors for the past week, it occures to me that I seem to oscillate between stark utilitarian minimalism and gee-wiz computer geekdom.

On one hand I want as little stuff as possible constructed of the most environtally friendly materials and in opposition I also enjoy dragging code into the real world.

I like toys like having my computer control my music and being able to detect and respond to the world around it.

Now that my experiments with streaming audio failed, I'm thinking of getting a home stereo again (instead of just using high end computer speakers) so I can have high quality music in my living room, and quiet music in my bedroom. And perhaps I should stick acoustic foam in my windows to help muffle the evil cars. (and perhaps some white LEDs and some houseplants as well).

But all of those things go against the impulse to own as little as possible.

*sigh* it always comes down to tryind to find the right balance between all of ones contradictory values.