December 25th, 2002


no wonder I never get anything done

So one of my goals for today was to try and get produce some software that would allow me to control my mp3 server through jabber instead of SSHing into my server and using a command line client to control things. (mostly this saves the neeed to ssh and I could get a nifty display showing what's currently playing in my IM window).

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blink blink, x10 on, x10 off

last night I was fiddling with my computer when my stereo speakers turn off. I wonder to myself what triggered the x10 relay, and then turned it back on. About half an hour later it turned off again.

Today the same thing happened though the length of time between state changes got increasingly small.

At somepoint I decided someone else in my building was using x10, and although it was briefly entertaining to think that I was getting to turn their light on and off.

I came up with an extreme solution to this problem, I picked up an x10 filter that was supposed to block interference from computers. I realized if I ran all the x10 controlled stuff off the same powerstrip I could block the rest of the house, and still get to have my computer turn things on and off. (and improve the reliability of the system).

And as an added bonus I need fewer power monitors to track home much electricity I'm using. The down side is I need to be careful to make sure I don't overload the outlet. (Though since I'm monitoring it with my watts up meter, it shouldn't actually be dangerous).


So, last night my nifty new t68i stopped responding to its keyboard. I'd possibly had other flakyness where I was talking to someone and had a continuous tone instead of their voice (though their phone is having trouble too so it's not clear which phone was flaking).

I tried pulling the battery last night on my phone and it didn't help that much. So then I unplugged the battery, stuck the sim card in my old phone, and left it alone over night.

Today it seems to be working... Though I wonder if I can find any service centers to get the firmware upgrade.

(The downside to digital convergence is since humans still aren't that good at writing software it makes all ones gadgets more unreliable.)
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