December 1st, 2002



Arden's girlfriend had a bad thanksgiving and so has summoned Arden back to her room for a few hours (plus some reasurance that I'm not stealing Arden away (ever notice how when talking about queer women in relationships the constant use of "her" gets confusing")). So I'm hanging out here in the Wellesley library waiting for her to get back. The scary thing is when she left me we were expecting that my cell phone would work. Alas, I face the the dreaded "no network".

One of the interesting things that's happend while over the past few days, is she read me some of her poetry (some I liked, some was interesting, most was good) and then with some encouragement got me to read some of the stuff I wrote in high school.

The two surprising things were she liked some of them, and she told me I was such the dyke after hearing my take on romance.

I wonder if I should dust them off, perform some editing and do something with them.

Last comment--When the weather report says the high will be 2 degC, that means the night will be really cold, especially with the wind. Perhaps I could even claim a level of cold that I have rarely, if ever, experienced. Even after sitting inside for half an hour, my cheeks still feel a bit strange.