August 25th, 2002


Technology, working? I heard that happened once

So, yesterday I went to see Eleni Mandell with faeriechilde yesterday night. It was at a club I'd never been too.

After I turned onto the street the club was supposed to be on, I discovered I couldn't see the addresses, and then I started suspecting that I'd gone to far.

So I pulled out the GPS unit I'd brought along, thanked my wacky desire to purchase the city datapack for it, and managed to pull up the location of the club I was looking for.

With that it was short work for me to figure out where I needed to be.

Though it was kind of fun to be walking toward a destination I'd never seen before going. 120 meters, 75, 50, 35, 15. I should be able to see it now, so where is it?

Ah! So that's where they put the sign!

And to top it all off the concert was good too. :)


the other reasons I'm afraid of dating

I managed to pull off some more rational thought about why I find the idea of dating so frightening.

The last two times I was intensely emotionally involved with someone, things went badly for me. In both cases it took me around a year and half to recover. What this experience has taught me to be extremly cautious with getting emotionally involved with people.

The way that I'm being cautious these days is to not get involved with someone whose interests and belief system doesn't match with mine.

For instance, I had a friendship with one of my ex's but as my obsession with reducing my car dependence increased, the sense that every activity with her required driving places grated on me. So I became increasingly reluctant to spend time with her.

So at this point I couldn't get involved with someone who didn't at least get my reasons for why going car-free is an admirable goal. They don't necessarily have to be car-free, but moving that direction would be nice.

I then began to despair of meeting someone woman-gendered person who is attracted to other women-gendered people and is willing to put up with both my trans history and my rather unusual ethical/political choices.

However LJ has taught me that such people do actually exist. (Though if I believed LJ, none of them live in the united states). Getting involved with the bicycle advocacy group is even better as some of them actually are car-free. (Even here in Los Angeles).