May 13th, 2002




I found a house in the more ethnically diverse working class portion of pasadena that I can just about afford.

The completely absurd thing is that it's 5 bedrooms. Besides the sketchy neighborhood, and the fact it's on a major street, and it only has 1 bathroom, we're not sure what else needs to be wrong with it for it to be "only" $200,000.

But still 200K for a 5 bedroom 2 story house is pretty decent in this neighborhood.

Now the question is should I follow up on it? Should I look into a more "appropriately" sized house instead of just always renting? Hard questions to answer.


So as for that idea of buying a house, I'm torn. On one hand I've thought it'd be interesting to join or start some kind of intentional community. Not to mention the frightening commitment of being largely tied down to a property.

On the other hand experimenting with some of the best sustainability technologies is not something that can easily be done in an apartment or condo. You kind of need your own roof to put up solar panels, and your own grounds to set up a grey-water recycling system.

I suppose if I had a place that was big enough I could actually invite people over, instead of always going elsewhere. Since my current apartment is both small and messy.

I'm guess I should try looking at some of those affordable properties I found.

fun phrases

Just wanted to share, I've been playing Call of Cthulhu with some friends. There's a game mechanic for "spot hidden", and an "idea" role (to give some limits on passing information that a character might know when the player's having problem).

This led me to think of the "spot obvious" roll, or the "bad idea" roll.