January 2nd, 2002



So I finally got a chance to ride my bike while using the heart rate monitor to keep me from pushing myself too hard.

I decided to stay in the "easy" range and bike 15 minutes away from my apartment and see how far I could get. Since I'm supposed to exercise for more than 35 minutes, and the direction I chose was slightly downhill, I thought I'd need a little more time on the return trip.

I managed to bike about 10.7 kilometers in just under 40 minutes. (I'm not sure if I got the tire circumference correct so I'm not sure if the distance was accurate. When I checked mapblast, it said it was 10.6 km.)

I feel much better know, I'd sort of been worried when people who didn't bike very often would mention that they could bike 10 miles relatively easily, and when I'd been previously biking a mile was really hard.

It's amazing the difference between easy exertion and maximum exertion.

So if I do a better job of developing some stamina, that fantasy of bike touring through europe isn't such a crazy idea.

Quiet computer

Also over the extended weekend I've made some progress on my quest for a quiet low power computer.

On my little transmeta crusoe "server" my 40 gig hard disk was wearing out and making enough noise to give me a head-ache. So I replaced it with a 30 gig laptop hard disk. There's a very faint high pitched noise that requires some work to hear.

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Pasadena's Bicycle plan

So I was reading pasadena's bicycle plan, so I can figure out what routes are reasonably safe for improving my biking distance, and I stumbled accross the following rather interesting table.</p>
Table II-1
Modal Split Distribution for Urban Travel In Europe and North America
(ranked by bicycle use)
Percent of Trips by Travel Mode
(all trip purposes)
Public Transport
  Germany (Western)122216491
  Germany (Eastern)82914481
  England and Wales81214624
</p>I wonder if the information contained therein has any bearing on why europeans have lower incidences of obesity than americans?</p>Also by my anti-automobile standards of "good and evil" The only listed european "country" that's "evil" is Eastern German. (Though france was close.)</p>The standard was that the total sum of bicycling, walking, and public transit was greater than or equal to the percentage of urban trips taken by car. (In france they were equal.)</p>Another useful bicycling fact.</p>According to a survey of 1200 members of Washington bicycle clubs they found that the bicyclists averaged 8 accidents per million miles ridden on streets with bike lanes, versus 19 on minor streets, 23 on major streets, and 28 on bike paths. </p>I wonder what the rate of accidents per million miles are for cars.</p>