December 16th, 2001


On the result of visiting big bear lake with a pile of lesbians(*)

(*) and closeted bi women.

So someone from the local lesbian chat group has a relative that owns a cabin up in big bear, and for her birthday invited a whole host of people up to the cabin... (Located in a nearby mountain range at above 7,000 ft for those who're reading this and aren't familiar with southern california geography)

I think at it's peak there were 20-22 women there.

I didn't snap as badly as I have in the past. It helped that there was a woman there whose name escapes me. She seemed more on the intellectual side and didn't find a roomful of women playing "truth or dare", or "spin the bottle" particularly interesting.

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I must not have gotten sufficient sleep last night...

I'm about to go to bed, and it's not even midnight yet.