October 7th, 2001


(no subject)

I had a good day today.

It started off with me making pancakes. And though by the end of the batter they were getting kind of flat, the first three were really good. I thought of posting a picture since the first three did seem to be close to the perfect pancake, but alas I ate them too quickly.

Next I spent time working on an AD&D bard character for one group I'm playing with. She just made 3rd level. I found this nifty program called pcgen which helps with all the fiddly bits of creating characters. If you're interested the character sheet is over here.

Lastly sebab had a house-warming/birthday party that I went to, while there I got to visit with bram again. (I met both of them while visiting with faeriechilde some months ago.) After a bit a large group of us played apples to apples, a rather fun word matching game--though the rules seem to encourage playing random cards from you hand. I think I would prefer it if you had a few more moments to pick something. As I stayed past the end, I ended up getting to take samples from several interesting dishes home.

And in a burst of meta-cognition, unlike most of my posts, this seemed to be almost entirely about things in the outside world and not the lurking denizens of my inner mental life. And yet, because of this outward focus it seemes somehow happier and more cheerful. I wonder if that means something.