September 9th, 2001



So I was chatting recently about gender neutral pronouns (GNPs) for english. I've been partial to ey em eir emself. Which are the various forms of they with the th removed. However another friend complained that "ey" sounds more like an interjection than a pronoun. Since several other proposed GNPs use a z for their leading character, I found it fitting to extend my favorite version with it as well.

So my proposal is zey zem zeir zemself. It has all the pronoun variants defined, sounds less like an interjection, is pronounceable, and yet actually sounds different from current pronouns. For example does anyone know how to pronounce hir so that it sounds different from her?

Hmm.. I wonder if I should be adding these things to my spell-check dictionary.


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So <lj-user "faeriechilde"> is moving away from LA off to school in Santa Cruz. Why is it that all the niftiest people are leaving for elsewhere? &lt;pout&gt;

I did get to see zem yesterday, for a rather nice and pleasant afternoon and evening.

As an aside it's really difficult typing when a cat has decided to nap on your hands. Perhaps a one-handed keyboard would allow cat attention to be paid, while still typing.

It's looking like I might actually need to travel so as to visit these people who have gone elsewhere. The experience of going places would probably do me well, since I've spent way too much time in this city.

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I found a frightening thought recently, while reading through an on-line feminist journal.

What if the reason I've struggled with depression all of my life is because life really and truly does suck. A world where the rich are blind to the environmental destruction caused by their greed, a world where women are regularly beaten, raped, and convinced that their value derives from being able to be pretty, a world where the more white someone is the easier it is to avoid being accused of crimes, is not a happy world. This is a world of violence, cruelty, and oppression.

The closer one is to the top of the dog-pile, the easier it is to hide from the horrors perpetuated.

Alas for me, I had one fatal flaw, a flaw that kept me from climbing into those echelons of power. I cared, I felt, I tried to empathize. I know that I miss things still, I don't really know what it's like to be a poor black woman, but I do recognize that I don't know and am willing to face that at times, I too can have the racist thought, that I can, because of my white middle-class socialization, support the status quo.

The crux of my problem is to find a way to act, to strive against a world I find inherently evil, and yet still manage to not go insane from my sanity.