May 23rd, 2001


Paranoia for added safey

I just read a livejournal entry written by a woman whose girlfriend was attacked & raped. The claim was that her personal info was found via the internet and/or aol.

That got me thinking about how some of my personal information might be used to connect my online life back to my real life. This is most disturbing. I've taken steps to fix the things that I know about. I'll mention the methods I immediately knew about in private if someone's interested, but I don't want to write it in public yet.

I know "security through obscurity" is a bad policy, but it's all I've got for the moment.

So what kinds of things do people think are good ideas for protecting their identities?

PO Boxes, Voice Mail, cypherpunk email, or not worrying about it and think that my paranoia is getting the best of me?
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Must... stop...

Hello diane, it's your computer fiona, it's time for your shower.

but... must keep reading.... can't stop....

fiona$ heyu turn monitor off

Hey, no fair turning the monitor off like that!

Water pressure

I'm not sure which is less fun. A shower with no water pressure, or one with random hot & cold water pressure.

I guess I should contemplate actually getting some work done, or maybe I could procrastinate on work and clean my apartment...
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