Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Yesterday I went hiking with arden, whitney and several queer women from caltech. After the hike we went to an indian restaurant where we all decided the waitress from holland was quite cute.

After dinner, Arden, the lesbian undergrad (LU), the lesbian grad student (LGS) and I all stopped by the LGS's apartment to pick something up. However we were distracted by a couple rounds of tickling and throwing soft things at each other, as we were about to leave the LGS gave me a nice neck massage which left me curled in a small puddle.

The LU commented that the LGS and I were having a "moment", unfortunately for me the last woman the LU went out with was the LGS. Whee, what fun attempting to flirting with people in a queer woman's community of perhaps 8 to 10 women.

I must arrange to spend more time with the LGS.

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