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Burn the body

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May. 19th, 2001 | 10:00 pm

At faeriechilde's urging I tried digging up a picture of me to post. Eeeww... I really hate seeing myself, It reminds me of how ugly I feel. How far from acceptable female weight ranges I feel.

However I don't really know what I could do to actually lose any weight, and of course should it matter? Should I conform to some standard being foisted off on me by a mass marketing industry whose sole goal is to sell me product by whatever means necessary.

The most effective strategy of course is to make me (and other women) feel as ugly as possible and promise that their product will make everything better. It won't of course. But that's because you need the new and improved version.

I wonder if it'd be possible to avoid this whole problem by burning the body and uploading one's consciousness to the net.

It's most unfortunate being a product of a dysfunctional society.

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