Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Getting to the restaurant turned into an adventure.

First off I decided to get the September monthly pass in case I came home late. So I shook off my lethargy and peddled off to the gas station that sells metro passes which is thankfully close to a metro stop. I was worried I was going to miss the train, but managed to make it to the platform a few seconds before the train arrived.

I curled up in the back of the train with my bike and read a bit.

Time passed as I went to union station and I needed to reach my connecting train.

As I got off the train I discovered a staple had embedded itself in my tire which was now flat. I decided to ignore it while I wheeled my bike through the train station to the next train.

More time passed as I was whisked to one of the three ends of the red line.

It was 6:48 and I was supposed to be at the restaurant at 7, and I still had a 3 mile bike ride ahead of me, and oh wait, that flat tire.

So I swapped the inner tubes in a few minutes, and called my friends saying I was going to be late around 6:55 and claimed I should be there soon as it was mostly downhill.

I peddled along Wilshire and found the turn onto Crenshaw. I kept on riding, and I passed Pico and kept going. When I reached the 10 freeway, I thought to myself, Olympic is north of the freeway isn't it. So I turned around, and peddled up that slope I'd been costing down and found Olympic on the second pass.

I found Little Ethiopia and then only passed the restaurant once. The one good thing was I did find a bike rack right outside the restaurant.

I have no idea how late I was since I was too guilt-ridden to check my phone, but they claimed the food had just arrived.

After dinner I folded my bike up and put it in the trunk of one of my friends cars. Then we stopped at the pleasure chest, and we tried to go to one of my friends houses. But the car I picked got stuck in traffic and we aborted. (I was tempted to be evil and drag my bike out of the car while we were stuck in traffic and ride past all of the cars.)

After we escaped the traffic they dropped me off at a metro station, and I then had an uneventful ride back home.

With my 6 or 7 miles of riding I did discover that I'm also feeling less depressed, it appears that aerobic exercise does make me feel better.

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