Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Had a sucky time working on trying to reorganize my home network. I tried switching back to the transmeta SBC, but it didn't boot. I then tried to get the new socket 370 board to work, and alas it didn't boot either.

After digging yet another computer out of the closet I determined that the video card I was testing with was bad and it was causing the system failures of the two boards. After digging out a different video card I discovered the transmeta board does still work, which is a relief as it was expensive. The new socket 370 board still doesn't work, but as it was a cheap board I picked up off of eBay I'm not too surprised. (Though I'll try bugging the people I bought it from.)

The transmeta board seems to be using less power with the DC to DC power supply than when using a full sized power supply, not to mention the little 60 W P/S is also silent. The only moving part in this system is a maxtor drive which is nearly inaudible when idle it does but make some noise when trying to seek.

(The downside to a silent computer is that it can be hard to tell if I actually turned the system on.)

Now hopefully I can get the 2.6 kernel to work as it has support for the overkill audio card I got, an m-audio delta dio 2496. The absurdity of this card is not only does it have coax digital in and out, it also has optical in and out, (and is 24bit 96khz)

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