Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Grad school

I just realized that I'm almost in grad school right now (or at least something which years here can be exchanged for grad school years. Though I'm not sure what the exchange rate might be).

As far as I can tell the things accomplished in the early years of grad school include the following--catching oneself up on the current edge of your field (via class work, journal clubs, and lots of reading), figuring out what you are actually interested in, learning how to manage your advisor and yourself, and becoming embedded in the academic culture (meeting the "right" people and becoming comfortable with interacting with them ).

After all of that then you do some research and jump through a couple of grueling hoops.

As far as I can tell from interacting with the grad students in my area it seems like the first couple of years of grad school it they drift through without really knowing what the details of what they want to accomplish. Then they have an epiphany, that if they want to finish they need to develop some focus and make some decisions about what they want.

It sounds to me like I'm in the later stages of that process.

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