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Hark a lesbian

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Aug. 4th, 2003 | 06:35 pm

So I went to lunch with secretslip and another coworker, and the moderately outgoing lesbian grad student showed up.

All of us had a nice time chatting. Though I did learn the grad student was supposed to be in Venezuela, but due to a collection of failures on others parts she missed her flight.

I hope she gets on the next flight and that I'll get a chance to visit with her more when she gets back.

(Oh yes, and secretslip took this as a wonderful opportunity to tease me). Perhaps I'll go to the lesbian chat group again tomorrow instead of the caltech group to try and get to know a couple of other women a bit better.

Also i'm thinking of going to the trans group on thursday. (As is there any subculture where you are more likely to find geeky women?)

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