Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Is it still Los Angeles

Yesterday I biked to a gas station and bought a monthly MTA pass.

With pass in hand I explored some of LA's metro system today.

I went to the Wilshire/Western station and walked through MacArthur park and wandered through some street festival on my way to Luna Tierra Sol Cafe where I had some tofu tacos. Then the book I was reading made reference to a philosopher so I hopped back on the metro to see if I could make it to the LA Central Library before they closed. Alas I was 7 minutes late, though I was a bit confused about which direction I should have gone out at the Pershing Square station.

I hopped back on the metro at the 7th street station and thought about going to long beach or to meet up with the green line and look at LAX. However I decided against it and went to the Vermont and Sunset station where I thought I might find the Center for Inquiry West. I also stumbled across the Los Feliz Neighborhood, which had a couple of restaurants I'd been to--a Thai restaurant whose name is escaping me and Fred 62, as well as an independent bookstore.

After that I got back on and went to the Universal City station to get an idea where it's located as I'd like to have a good way to get to Griffith Park, I then went back to Union station and from there back to the Del Mar station on the Gold Line

Also the time passed while on the metro quite quickly as I got to finish an interesting book.

Also the MTA has a page listing points of interest at the various metro stops.

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