Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Doh! I forgot to put the rent cheque in the box for the manager.

I've spent large chunks of my life trying to avoid being trapped in the need to have a highly structured schedule. I see clocks as a holdover of the factory mentality that demands that people function purely as machines. One long term goal of mine was to be able cut the alarm out of my alarm clock.

Unfortunately sometimes I forget to do things that others consider important in a timely manner (like pay bills). Thankfully for me in most cases online bill pay allows me to delegate being punctual to my computer. Alas the apartment owner doesn't want me to be mailing them stuff.

On a more positive note I've managed to read a little over two thirds of "Cultural Creatives"

So far I've laughed and cried. I'll check to see if it changed my life after I've finished reading it.

One nifty story was of one teacher who liked to challenge his students with how to design sustainable products. They managed to convince one furnature manufacture to try and work with them to develop a safe textile process. They worked out something that was so effective that the waste from the factory can be used in compost piles. Also the swedish water inspectors were checking the 'waste' water from the factory and came to the conclusion that their instruments were broken; since the chemicals that were typically found in the drinking water weren't there. Then they checked the input water and discovered that factory was releasing water that was cleaner than they were taking in.

For me the most important part is I was needing to find positive stories that there is hope for individuals to have an effect on the world. And that there are others who are developing new concepts of how to live in the world. Concepts that are alternatives to either the need for unending economic growth of the "Modern's" or the return to rigid fundamentalist social structures of the "Traditionalists." The cultural creatives are people who take the modern view of equality and willingness to try new things with the traditionalists valuation of social structures.

They've got a reasonable chunk of data to support their hypothesis that the culture of the "cultural creatives" is a relatively new development that has had significant impacts on our culture--even with the conservative backlashes against them. The source of the cultural creatives seem to stem from the various groups for socal and personal change that started to develop in the US since the 1960s. It's been the combination of feminist, environmental, labor rights, social justice, and personal growth groups that have started to merge into a coherent culture that recognizes that all the problems we are facing in our world today are systemic problems that require responses from merely working multiple fronts simultaneously to complete shifts in the way things are accomplished.

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