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Lesbian Chat

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Jul. 30th, 2003 | 09:58 am

I went to lesbian chat tonight last night. A couple of woman noted the skirt and complemented me on it. (One of them did try to encourage me to get a different hair cut... but I like long hair, I guess I should find accoutrements to help keep it out of my face).

The restaurant after was somewhat interesting toward the end I listening to some people processing some earlier drama. (It also appears that I tend to be mildly attracted to people who already have a number of others interested in them. It must take a really attractive person to remind me to be interested.)

Depending on my interpretation up to two women might've flirted a little with me. One was a touchy-feely person and played with my hair a bit, and her hands my reserved exterior rapidly melted. I may not have much of a sex drive, but I do seem to respond to others initiation stroking my hair, or back rubs or other such mild contact really intensely.

The other woman seemed more reserved, and I'm not sure if she was interested, but I thought that she was dropping some hints. Unfortunately I rather suck at flirting--I tend to become frightened and freeze up. (Which might explain why I'm interested in unavailable people like straight women. Since I'll never actually have to deal with the fear caused by them trying to flirt with me, I can stay in my familiar space of unrequited love.)

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