Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Next book

I saw Natural-Born Cyborgs at the Caltech bookstore, and was compelled to purchase it.

Even in the introduction it has triggered an interesting epiphany. After some introductory material about how we have evolved to use tools to extend our cognitive capacities.

As our worlds become smarter and get to know us better and better, it becomes harder and harder to say where the world stops and the person begins

I wonder if we're going to be slipping away from pure individualism, and back toward a more collective networked view? Alas I realized that's just how I think. The other path is just the sense of self leaks outside of ones body and includes ones stuff, which given how people become passionately attached their automobiles has already happened.

Which I guess is part of the point of this current book, our selves are already hybrids of biological and mechanical systems.

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