Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So after shopping I went to an event hosted by LA people connection with secretslip

The weird experience was a couple of her friends from LAPC had looked at my LJ. As a result I met people who knew I was trans and lesbian before I'd ever met them in person, and I think the experience went well. The lesbian thing became entertaining fodder for teasing a variety of people with. The attitude I picked up about being trans was kind of the attitude one might get for having traveled some place somewhat interesting, a "gee that's neat" but no big deal. That was neat having random people take it in stride, either society has been advancing, or collaborative filtering by friend of friends works well.

The other thing is the LAPC event had on the order of 30 people who showed up. This led me to think of the problems that BiNetLA had when I was on their board.

I like their system of trying to encourage people to be less flaky. You register for events and gain points for showing up, if an event is overbooked the least flaky people get priority. This provides a "shadow-of-the-future" that I'd read about in books on the evolution of cooperation. Because there are actually consequences for being flaky, I think it actually encourages people to show up. The RSVP also helps the planners have a better idea of what resources they need at the event.

I wish we'd done something like that for BiNet.

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