Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

More exercise

So a group of caltech people go play frisbee around noon. And though it might be nice to get some exercise and socialize with people, it's hot, muggy, and will probably be smoggy soon.

Not to mention the agony of having each UV photon burn its way into my skin, an agony of cooking flesh. (Not quite excruciating agony, as I suspect being burned alive is worse, but it does feel like a mild introduction to being burned alive).

Going off to the lesbian kickball a this couple of times has shown me that one of the points of casual team sports seems to be to the socializing. Going off to frisbee would be a good way of building up frienships and acquantenceships with others around here.

My problem is I find LA uninhabitable durring the daytime from now until late october.

Not only do I find exposure to daylight painful, if I exercise when it's warm, I almost always end up with a migrane-esque headache.

Even cycling which I've done fairly regularly is limited by heat. During the winter I could manage long rides and had thought it was due to improved conditioning. However as it got warmer, I started getting the headaches again, leading me to think that I just have trouble overheating.

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