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Jul. 3rd, 2003 | 11:53 pm

So I ended up in conflict with one of game masters I've been playing with. I ended up feeling like I'd lost any touch with role playing or fantasy games. I think I understand what happend, and thankfully I was just catastrophizing.

We ended up frustrating each other as I felt that I couldn't come up with a character concept, and was even being passive aggressive and taunting her with characters that wouldn't work in the world. I just realized that early on I'd come up with a few ideas only for her to discourage each idea. That rather rapidly led me to entere the nothing I do will please her so I'll just be grumpy.

Part of the problem is the GM has been stressing how important combat is in this new game world and, combat is my least favorite component of RPGs. I think what I like about gaming is to explore alternative perhaps less developed aspects of my personality. Unfortunatly for me it seems like many role playing games like to use violence to solve problems rather than encouraging the use of persuasion to resolve conflict.

(Though we did just play Call of Cthulhu, and we did use violence far more frequently than we should've. Though that's because we didn't want to be anywhere around the rituals that the cultists were performing).

I've been frustrated because I designed a bard in the DnD game because I wanted to try and explore a more outgoing personality than I currently have. Unfortunatly DnD seems to largely reward killing the monster du jour, and I've felt like a 5th wheel.

So to find another situation where my efforts at exploring being social were being thwarted by stupid combat was frustrating me.

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from: bolowolf
date: Jul. 4th, 2003 04:04 pm (UTC)

Gaming is interesting when it comes to what you can and cannot do without violence. I feel that as a DM I created good situations where violence wasn't necessary to get out of the situation. Magic maybe, but not violence. If you lived closer I'd be happy to start up a session with ya. :) I love Call of Cthulhu too. I've had some great times playing that.

I think many people knock DnD because they think it's only hack-n-slash, but I think it's up to the DM to be creative enough for that not to happen. I totally understand your frustration at coming up with character ideas and having them shot down. That would have made me feel pretty sour.

I think one can also have a creative time playing a character who is combat ready. That requires delving into some motivations and creating a serious history for the character. Maybe every time the character is faced with a combat situation an alternate personality comes out to take over. Or the character starts reciting lines of poetry because it helps them focus. *shrug*

Hope things work out.

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