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Eat flaming death neo-platonist scum

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Jul. 3rd, 2003 | 10:55 am

One of the things I find admirable about secretslip is that she finds pleasure in things she's passionate about.

The evil fundamentalist cult I grew up in really liked the "pleasure is sinful" meme, when I gave up on ever having anything resembling faith, I merely transitioned to the source platonist ideal of the physical world is a mere distraction from the pure pursuits of the mind. (For the christian neo-platonists who kept the meme alive, they seemed to assume that the mind meant contemplating of god).

The combination of my own innate shyness, insecurity about people liking me, and this pleasure is bad meme has left me with a distinct difficulty in finding joy in my life.

(Perhaps the aritsolean doctrine of the median has also helped to sap away any passion from me as well).

Probably the most unnatractive thing about my personality is my tendency to view life as a joyless, passionless mesh of duties and responsibilities.

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