Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

I found a house in pasadena listed for $208,000 near ceader and navarro 91103. It's 4 miles from caltech and is 720 sq ft. It claims that it's 2 bedroom (though that might be the converted garage. Several years ago I qualified for $190,000 and I've had a nice raise since then.

I keep trying to decide between buying a house or going to grad school.

Although in this case if I just commit to being here for a year, it might be possible to just turn it into a rental property and have it pay for itself if I want to leave.

Hmm... Should I go apply for a home loan at the credit union? Should I go look at it first? Should I continue to do nothing trapped by my indecision and make some other capitalist rich? Should I go to grad school without buying a house?

so many choices, so hard to make a decision.

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