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Who am I and what I have I done with myself.

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Jul. 1st, 2003 | 07:59 am

So earlier today a foreign thought passed through my mind.

I realized something new about the cute coworker. Ignoring differences of personality and presentation, I don't think that she's actually any more attractive than I. We're probably both about equivalent. I think that she has a better figure, though I probably have better hair.

Since K has attribute "attractive" and K and D are of equivalent levels of attractivness, therefor D should also have the same attribute.

Of course this is neglecting that she's much better at being outgoing than I and that I'm still using my choice of shapless clothing to mark that I think I should be invisible.

Anyone else think this is believable? should I fan this brief ember of self-esteem?

Also I've probably lost about 10 kilos since I last bought clothes (I could check, but I should probably sleep soon). Perhaps I should think about buying some replacements soon, though it's always tempting to wait another kilo or two. (Although since its now summer, buying something cooler might be nice)

For some strange reason I think triming my hair helped trigger this moment. Perhaps helped by dropping below 100 kilos. Only 9 more for "good enough" and 14 for "ideal".

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