Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

I went to the LA Dyke March yesterday with one of the queer grad students and ran into various people I know. Rather shockingly I met someone who was working with the LA bike coalition and recognized me. Of course now I realize that I should've asked for her email address or something. (Not thinking of that in the moment was dumb of me).

Hmmm... I found the organization she's working for now, I wonder if I should try and stop feeling so nervous and try contacting her through them. It's not like there's a lot of queer women cyclists.

I hope this hyper-introverted phase passes soon and I can return to the levels of introversion I experience when feeling more optimistic about the world. (Occasionally talk to people, remember to try and maintain social relationships, stop assuming that no one finds me interesting).

I also spent friday night with the queer grad student, we watched the movie Adaptation. I found far too much of "charlie kaufman's" self-doubt familiar.

Finally I finished the weekend off with making more progress on switching to a new server. I've got the digital output working to the amplifier and I'm currently trying to get the dhcp and dns servers upgraded and configured (and start playing with dynamic ip address updates). I've also managed to rip 30 CDs over the weekend making quite a bit of progress on converting to the higher quality sound of Ogg vorbis.

Yea me! I actually sent an email to try and track down the queer bike advocate.

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