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Jun. 18th, 2003 | 12:41 am

So in my quest to have streaming digital audio from relatively low power computers I was breifly thwarted because the free drivers didn't support the S/PDIF out on the new motherboard.

I tried a bit to make it work but then rememebered that I had a license for opensound.com. They claimed to have drivers for the audio chipset, but I needed to spend $15 to upgrade my license to support it.

So I spent the money and it the analog drivers worked, but sounded bad. I then emailed them asking of there was a way to get the digital output to work. After a brief exchange to get them the right debug output, a new driver appeared in my inbox which worked perfectly.

They were helpful and solved my problem rapidly. What more could you ask for?

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(no subject)

from: alphysist
date: Jun. 18th, 2003 07:00 am (UTC)

here in Russia we have no such problems. If I need any driver I just go and by a disk full of them for $2. Moreover I can buy nearly every software for $3 including Windows XP, 2000,98 etc, Linux...
The only problem is that I am going to move to LA next month and will have to say farewell to piracy :(

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Diane Trout

(no subject)

from: alienghic
date: Jun. 18th, 2003 12:54 pm (UTC)

I thought Gates went to russia recently to drop hints that they would either need to clamp down on piracy or there'd be no russian localized version of windows.

Though if you're coming to caltech, they've got site licenses for a good chunk of microsoft software so it at least seems free to the end user.

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