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It all comes together

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Jun. 13th, 2003 | 01:32 pm

Off of the systers.org mailing list someone reprinted a lockergnome article on suggetions on what to do to get a job in todays CS market.

One of the recommendations was to blog. (As well as to posting to mailing lists and discussion groups. Also the author recommended participating in some open source projects).

All of these things leave a easily searched digital trail of someone. The author was claiming that when he was contempating a new hire, he'd search for them online to get a better feel of what they're like.

This then connected back to Brin's Transparent Society, and my own observation of being able to search for myself online.

I then felt this frightening realization. I already live in a transparent world.

There could very easily an online reputation of me one can infer from the various projects and posts I've made. Now I get to worry if it's obvious that I have trouble finishing things.

It also led me to think that it might be helpful to have a seperate geek blog. (even if its made from a subset of LJ cross-posts)

Like if I wanted to get into grad school doing bizarre things with computers, it might actually help my chances to have some "lab notebooks" online. My struggles trying to set up a ubiqutious computing environment on my own would be a point in my favor indicating that I actually like doing things such things (and hopefully show some skill as well).

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