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Jun. 2nd, 2003 | 10:58 pm

I want an event notification service for some software I want to write. I found two packages that seemed useful, and neither work. There's idavoll, a python component for the jabber publish-subscribe interface. Alternatively there is omniEvents, an implementation of the corba event service.

Guess what, neither work.

Idavoll only has 3 of 15 functions implemented and has rather questionable error handling.

omniEvent was designed to be built within an earlier version of omniORB and the build system is highly peculiar. (Involving gnumake extensions that seem to import extra rules before and after recursing into directories... I haven't even be able to reliably find where the defines are, let alone where the rule for defining how to translate idl into c code is).

I could either get frustrated and try and write my own or try and build on the fragments in front of me.

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