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Wacky idea

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May. 30th, 2003 | 08:02 am

At one point Brin was talking about how self-righteousness was a defined common mental state where the brain generates a sense of feeling good even if the rest of the world disagrees. (Which can be detrimental for society as you can end up with people "addicted" to feeling that they're superior to everyone else.)

However in support of this idea he mentioned how others have used biofeedback techniques to help speed the process of training ones brain to feel good through altered mental states.

This led me to he another application of a wearable computer. If it could have an EKG attached then I could use it to monitor my brain waves and perhaps detect when I was becoming depressed. Using biofeedback techniques enabled by the wearable I could then perhaps more reliably shift myself to a less limited mental state. For instance some forms anger can be more useful at affecting change in the depressing stimuli than collapsing into depression.

Then after thinking that, I realized it was a crude design for a thought control device, spooky even if it's a prototype that I have complete control over.

And yet, it still might be a useful way of helping to control depression.

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