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Jun. 25th, 2001 | 01:21 am

Here I set feeling tired, though perhaps it's because there's work that I should be doing but don't want to.

Though I wanted to ponder briefly about what I did last night.

I ended up driving to my friends house to carpool from her place. I did it because the buses stopped at 11pm, and biking 5 miles through neighborhoods that I'm not familiar with at 3am seemed somehow foolish.

A friend of mine was trying to ride a bus here in LA at night. The police officer on board told her that it was too dangerous and she shouldn't be on the bus.

Now I'm not sure how much of this fear is because we're taught to be afraid of the outside (because it's more profitable to keep people inside their SUVs and gated communities), and how much is actually real danger.

I know I've come across references that, at least for the united states, commuting in from the suburbs is more dangerous than living near one's work in the city. Deaths directly caused by motor vehicles is several times that of death by handguns--that's not even counting deaths caused by pollution and lack of exercise.

But somehow there's something really scary about being alone at night in unfamiliar territory that doesn't have many people passing by. I'll walk one of the streets near my apartment late at night, but that's because it's well lit, and there's usually a car or two passing by every minute.

I wonder what's the best way of making public transit functional and safe for people who keep strange hours.

Have many little communities where the members can trust each other and you don't have to travel far. Constant surveillance in public spaces so it's easy to catch people doing 'bad' things. Increased policing. Or perhaps solve the problems with poverty and oppression of minorities, and cut down on the reasons for crime? Force everyone to keep similar hours? Or the reverse and encourage everyone to drift out of phase and spread the times that people are active out over the entire day.

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