Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

War Tax

So periodily I feel frustrated that so much of my money goes to finance the american military (about 50% of ones taxes) with the additional of corporate wellfare, and the funding of intrusive organizations like homeland security, I kind of wish I didn't have to pay so much money to the current federal government. Even though it appears that Bush's goal is to reduce the federal government down to just the military.

I read war tax resistance made simple and learned how various pacifists have tried to avoid paying federal taxes.

However as someone leaning toward being a social democrat (assuming I'm using the term correctly) I do believe that taxes should be collected and wealth should be redistributed for societies benefit. (Like a national minimal standard of healthcare.)

(as an aside a useful government based minimal healthcare standard would be for the government to make sure everyone had access to preventitive healthcare. Which has the advantage of being cheaper than health care targeted toward emergencies or long term treatment of disease. Also preventitive healthcare probaly has the greatest benefit for society--it's quite useful to make sure that most people are vaccinated against various diseases for instace.)

So I really want to pay taxes for positive things, and fewer taxes to allow Bush to misuse the US military to wage a holy war against Islam, OPEC, and restrictions on corporate trade.

Then I realized that california (and most other) states are suffering a massive budget shortful. In california's case it was even partially caused by the bush administration.

Which led to the interesting idea of collecting my federal tax withholdings from my paycheck and trying to give them directly to the state (and maybe a few useful federal agencies that haven't been completely corrupted by conservative christian fanatics).

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