Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Was that LA I was living in?

So I've been experimenting being car-free in LA once again, and it's now the US mothers day. Unfortunately my mother lives 35 miles away from me, and I do try to occasionally visit.

So I biked to the train station, and then rode that out to near her place. After finishing up with her, I took the train back into downtown LA, and from there I took the metro to some friends house in north Hollywood.

Cris-crossing southern California in trains.

On the plus side since metrolink usually services downtown LA office employees I found something incredible. The trains actually have a few power outlets.

The downside when I got to Union Station I had to queue for 10-15 minutes since I think I missed the metro train I needed.

Well it's not quite car free as some friends will probably be driving me home tonight. (The folding nature of my bike is actually becoming useful).

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