Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So, last tuesday, the caltech lgbt group had a speaker talking about relationships. He certainly enjoyed picking on monogamy and the gay community privleging heterosexual norms. For instance apparently gay men are posting personal ads saying they want guys who are "straight acting".

However at one point during his presentation he mentioned that most crimes are perpetrated by men. (A bit on the essentialist side for a sociologist).

That led me to try and correlate two unrelated trends. Statistics indicate that violent crime is decreasing (even though reporting of crime is dramtically increasing). Simultaneously the sperm counts in men are declining. (Since a number of our pollutants mimic estrogens.) Could the trends be related?

Well, if it's that simple, it should be easy to get both data sources and see if there is an inverse relationship.

I really doubt those two trends are related. More likely everyone is inside watching TV being frightened of crime and so there's less opportunity for crime to be committed (other than domestic violence).

But still, it's tempting to go look.

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