Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

WAP idea

So with my idea of trying to make mobile phones a more useful tool for meeting people I managed to play a bit with WAP/WML. I found a package that let me connect to my jabber server from my phone, which lead me to ask what other things would be useful to have access too.

One obvious one is a LJ client, another would be a dict(ionary) client.

But then I came up with another idea that would be useful. A site where you could feed it the name of a book (or CD, DVD, or perhaps articles), and the software would tell you where you could find a copy, whether your own book collection, your local libraries (or perhaps your friends libraries), or a bookstore.

Also it'd keep track of the things you searched for, so if you were in one of those places you could see what you might want to pick up.

A coworker after listening to that idea, suggested something similar for products, where you could feed in a UPC code, and it would tell you what the going price is. A useful extention for the price search would be to collect the price for where you currently are.

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