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Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

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Apr. 27th, 2003 | 08:57 pm

I went and saw Unprecedented, a documentary of what went wrong with the 2000 election.

The democrats were dumb. The Bush family, their assistants, and several supreme court justices should be rotting in jail.

For example Clarence Thomas' wife had the job of reviewing resumes for the George Bush, by most standards a conflict of interests. Or the supreme court decided to ignore 75 years of Florida law allowing for manual recounts of punched card ballots.

Jeb Bush and the republican Florida government toughened a Florida law allowing them to black-list felons. According to this movie the law was originally written into the Florida constitution to simplify removing blacks from the voter registration.

The company hired (by their new law) to perform the database match up repeatedly told the Florida election commission that the criteria for matches they were being provided would have many false positives. The republican election commission basically said, "Good that's what we want"

It was of course, increadibly frustrating to watch. But that was largely because of just how wrong what the political machines did was.

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