Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

The screams of rage continue to echo through my skull.

Jeff Skiling, President of Enron was quoted in this ENN news article as saying the following.

"California needs to get deregulation right, and the rest of the country needs to get deregulation right," Skilling said. "Markets are powerful, and they work."

Skilling voiced doubts about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)'s decision this week to implement limited price caps in California, saying this would work against the free market principle and could discourage the investment in new generating capacity the state so badly needs.

Yes, get the government out of managing our corporate noses so we can be free to make as much money as we robber barons can possible make. If people can't afford our rates they'll use less, now wont they. Viva la corporate republic! Fuck the poor, they have no money so they don't count in our brave new world.

Yet here I sit in my comfortable professional job, secure in my economic safety. I still am part of the system.

I could sell out, deny the reality of our world, and thereby join the exploiting upper classes.

But I can't, I still have some echo of a conscious.

I see dead people lining the streets, they were killed by pollution, by habitat destruction, by 'natural' disasters exacerbated by global climate change, floods, famines, and new plagues that scoff at our medicine. This is the tribute of two centuries of greedy industrialization.

The time for greedy selfishness is over.

The spaceship that is our planet is being destroyed by those for whom there is no such thing as enough. I wonder how they plan on breathing their money. Can food be bought when there is none?

Will the SUVs of the 2020's be pressurized containers with their own air supplies? Rovers for an inhospitable planet, shuttling the elites between one secured and sealed artificial biosphere and another, far away from the dying rabble locked outside?

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