Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

The Further Adventures of the Cute Straight Woman

Today after work, I went off and played a little bit of frisbee with one of my coworkers and the cute straight woman coworker.

At some point while we were playing she lifted her shirt up some to expose her midriff. I felt highly distracted. (And I wonder how obvious it was that I was distracted?)

So after we returned to our office and she left, I shared with my coworker that I thought she was cute. He then told me that he thought I might have thought that way. (Since he also thinks she's cute).

He then shared with me some dangerous knowledge, apparently on April 1st she told him (after checking to make sure that I wasn't around) that she and I had been making out recently. (Before telling him that it was an april fools joke).

So in an uncharacteristic burst of optimism, I've come to the conclusion that this means she's thought about it. (What better way to explore how comfortable one is with exploring a bi identity then as a joke).

So now I'm tempted to tell her tomorrow something along the lines of "I realized why I was having so much trouble catching the frisbes you were throwing at me, the pain caused by my poor catches were a mere shadow of the tragedy of having to look away from your beauty to watch the frisbe."

Or something like that, I'm torn about how corny that sounds, but on the other hand it can be fun to play with language. And I was really distracted by her.

Now if I could only think of things like that in real time, then I might have a chance at dating.

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